Male Football Trophies

Male player trophies for all ages

When you’re looking for the perfect way to reward your male players for their contributions to the club, Pendle has a great range of football trophies to choose from. Our striking and dynamic designs really make our trophies stand out. We are sure that you’ll be able to find everything you need.

No matter what you need an award for, there will be something here that is perfect for you. Make sure that all of your players feel appreciated at the end of the football season. With a male figure on each trophy, these are a great thing to present to your team no matter what age they are. So, even if your players are boys or men, you should check out our male player trophies.

Customise each football trophy using our simple trophy builder. Once everything has been confirmed, we will dispatch your trophy within 2 working days. That means, if you need a few last-minute trophies it’s definitely worth checking out what we have.

Especially at these amazing prices. Our football trophies will typically save you 40% on comparable brochure prices so you don’t have to worry about your budgets. Our trophies offer great quality, fantastic design, and cheap prices. What’s stopping you from grabbing some bargains?

If you’re also looking for something to offer your female football teams then head over to our female player trophies. Or alternatively, we offer Boot Trophies & Ball Trophies which can be given to any of your teams!